She went from America to Africa. Her name is Kelsey Farmer and she is part of Covenant Mercies staff.

Kelsey performs day to day operations in Covenant Mercies home office of Glen Mills, PA, but last summer she saw the work Covenant Mercies is doing in Uganda. Having to reconcile two separate worlds, the experience was one of new vision for Kelsey. I interviewed her about this experience:


When did you start working for CM?

I started working for Covenant Mercies in January 2012.

What do you do for CM?

I wear many hats here at Covenant Mercies. My overall ‘title’ however would be Office Administrator and also fall under the heading of Sponsor and Donor Relations, Finance Department.

Week to week, I receive and allocate the donations and contributions to their correct location and update our sponsors and donors on their payments. I get to organize and help plan trips to Africa for our Directors and teams that we send over. I head up any fundraising events that we do from time to time, financially and administratively.

I also get the privilege of receiving new sponsors into our program and assigning them to a child of greatest need; one of my favorite parts of this job.

As you can see, I don’t have just one title or one job. Like the rest of the staff we are doing anything we can, using the gifts God has given us, to serve these children and this ministry.

When did you go on your mission trip to Uganda?

My mission trip to Uganda was in June 2012; six months after I had started working at Covenant Mercies.

Where did you go exactly?

We went to Kiburara, Uganda. Kiburara is one of the four locations in our sponsorship program. It is in Western Uganda -- a long, long bus ride away from Kampala, Uganda’s city capital.

What did you do there?

I went with a team from my church for a 12 day mission trip, which comprised of 4 days of travel and 8 days of work. Our main goal there was to help them in the building and finishing of their church. Thankfully, that was not the limit of what we were able to accomplish.

As a team, we spent most of our time painting, scrubbing, and putting mortar on the walls of the church. There was never a day without children crowding around us as we worked. We spent countless hours singing with them, playing sports with them, and giving them sweets. We had many teachers on our team who also spent days in the classrooms of the Alpha and Omega Secondary School teaching the children science, English, and math.

The whole team quickly formed bonds with many of the dear, now familiar, faces. One of the days we visited the Kiburara Prison (the men talked with the prisoners and the women talked with the prison guards’ wives). This was a wonderful faith building experience, where we preached the gospel in a different language.

I was able to use my connection as a Covenant Mercies employee to meet and photograph many of the children in our Kiburara program. I personally expressed gratitude, on behalf of Covenant Mercies, to all the caretakers -- the aunts, uncles, mothers, and grandmothers -- and reminded them of how we are in this mission together; how one does not work without the other. It was a unique highlight for me; one that truly gave me a vision for the reason I work daily for this organization...

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