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Have you ever pursued something so rigorously or wanted something so badly that you throw everything into obtaining it? But no matter how hard you work to get it, you just can’t seem to get it? Doors close, windows slam, storms come...everything seems to block you from that particular thing.

As my family has been preparing to move to Uganda to serve in Covenant Mercies’ program there -- it has been the complete opposite experience. It’s almost as if we are being carried along through this process -- pushed gently in the direction we are to go in. The wheels are moving forward and I get those butterflies in my stomach. There is no turning back. Joy. Fear. Both pleasantly combined with the sweet reality of faith and trust in an all-powerful loving God and His plan.

Over eighty-five thousand dollars has been raised for this project so far. This funding was sacrificially given by my church family Covenant Fellowship, close friends from Brandywine Grace church, family and friends, and a generous donor who helped Covenant Mercies kick the whole project off with a $10,000 matching gift. I have been utterly astounded by the enthusiastic response from everyone concerning this project! And because of everyone’s support we are able to relocate as early as mid-July!

We were in need of a renter for our home. My church prayed one Sunday and by that Wednesday we had three applications submitted. We had to choose an applicant. We did, and they are moving in July 1st, having signed a two year lease.

So now I’m in the process of packing up my house, closing down credit cards, shutting off utilities, doctor appointments, inoculations, dentist exams, wrapping up my homeschooling year while planning next year’s, consolidating my life and my family’s life into a few bags, spending time with family and friends who we won’t see for two years, and still attempting to run a household that’s in serious transition.

It’s easy for me to lose sight of God and get weighed down by details, especially when so much has to get done. But all along I see God’s faithfulness. I see Him hovering over the small details of my life- the small details of this project.  As a need arises or some pressing issue demands my attention, I find the ability and strength I need from Him, for that particular task He has set before me. And once again I am gently carried and nudged forward by a loving God who has a plan.

“And your ears will hear the word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.”  Isaiah 30:21


Click here if you’d like to donate toward our Long-term Mission fund, through which the Lohmanns are raising their support as they prepare to relocate to Uganda.