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Education is an enduring gift.

Education is essential to breaking the cycle of poverty, yet in the regions where Covenant Mercies serves, local primary schools can be overcrowded and ill-equipped. Prohibitive fees can put secondary school—let alone college—completely out of reach for a fatherless child growing up in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We are committed to providing our children with the best educational opportunities we can, because education is one of the most significant and enduring gifts we can give them.  In some program areas, this requires a direct investment in staffing and infrastructure.  One such area is Ndola, Zambia. In 2006, Covenant Mercies partnered with Lighthouse Christian School in Ndola, later building a new and expanded campus that now serves hundreds of students in pre-K through grade 7. Covenant Mercies continues to pursue opportunities that will strengthen our educational investment in our children through the building and development of schools.

Lighthouse Christian School

In 2005, Wilbroad and Zicky Chanda established Lighthouse Christian School with a vision to provide a quality Christian education for children growing up in Ndola, Zambia.

Their desire was to bring children from Ndola’s middle class together in the same classrooms with children from two sprawling slums on the outskirts of town.

However, there was one problem: only the middle class parents could afford the tuition fees necessary to keep the school running. The problem was solved through Covenant Mercies and our generous sponsors. Sponsored children living in Ndola’s shanty villages now have an opportunity to attend Lighthouse.

As the school grew over the years, the need for a well-equipped educational facility became increasingly urgent.  Consequently, Covenant Mercies funded construction of a new and expanded campus, which opened in January 2012. Today, over 225 Covenant Mercies sponsored children in our Zambia program receive their education through Lighthouse Christian School.